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Soil Foodweb New Zealand are soil rehabilitation specialists working with the New Zealand biological farming industry since 2003.

New Zealand’s foremost soil testing lab for microbial activity

Soil Foodweb Solution

We specialise in biological rehabilitation of soils and have been measuring the soils of the New Zealand...

Easy Soil Sampling

Collection of soil samples is as easy as sampling for minerals

Easy Report Format

Understandable reports with interpretations are emailed and include phone consultation

Foremost soil testing laboratory for micro-biology

Much of what we base farm production on relates directly to the soil microbes. Knowing what levels of...

Benefits associated with biological farming

Reduction of chemical inputs, suppression of weeds and pests, improve animal health and fertility...

Soil, Compost and Compost Extract Packages

A selection of Packages is available from the Total Foodweb option to individual assays. LEARN MORE………


Soil testing provides an important management tool in developing an efficient soil fertility programme, as well as monitoring a field for potential soil and water management problems. Whilst a soil test provides basic information on the nutrient supplying capability of the soil, a test is only reliable if the soil sample is taken correctly and is properly handled after collection.

The Soil Foodweb NZ Difference

Our specialised soil analysis service offers a comprehensive range of tests to determine the biological composition, diversity and activity of our soils, composts and compost extracts.  

Customer Service:

Personal contact and ongoing service.

Simple Delivery:

NZ Post, simple and fast.

Soil Microbiology:

The study of organisms in soil, their functions, and how they affect soil properties.

Experts in our field:

New Zealand’s foremost soil testing laboratory.

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We have 3 great books available. Each one is only $35. Please use our ‘CONTACT’ page to send us a email about which manual you want and your postal addresses in the message field. We will contact you within 3 days. Or call us direct on 027 290 7566


  • Compost Tea Manual 5
  • Soil and Folia Foodweb
  • The Foodweb in Compost
  • Soil Biology Primer