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Soil Foodweb Institute New Zealand are soil rehabilitation specialists working with the New Zealand biological farming industry since 2003.

New Zealand’s foremost soil testing lab for microbial activity

Our team is fully committed to assisting farmers and growers achieve true sustainable soil fertility by measuring the microbes in soils and composts. By utilizing their services you will achieve and maintain a balanced and healthy soil.

Our focus is on enabling all of the benefits associated with biological farming

Key benefits are the reduction in chemical inputs, suppression of pests and weeds, overall animal health, reduction in water usage and improved grass/crop quality without loss of production.

We supply training workshops to farmer and industry groups

To support continued understanding of the soils functions, Soil Foodweb Institute New Zealand regularly conducts workshops on soil health and how to maintain it by maximising soil microbes. Check the menu for up and coming presentations or phone the lab to organise a visit to your discussion group.

Above ground growth is dependent upon what is growing under ground

If you donít know what organisms are present in your soil then much of your management is being left to chance.

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